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Workplace Trends / Agile Space

ID3A has guided many of our clients through the process of transforming ideas into reality. We make it a priority to get to know our clients and their current and future business needs so that together we can make the right design choices that are innovative, budget sensitive and completed in a timely manner. We have helped our clients embrace the modernization of their work environments through effective Change Management. As designers, we see this as a way to incorporate the client's vision into their work environment. This involves utilizing several strategies including the examination of existing practices, confirmation of objectives and introducing options consistently throughout the design process to gain consensus, identify changes and explain how they will function and support the new work flow.

We currently maintain long-term relationships with several corporations and are familiar with the types of projects that can arise, from interior renovations, office reconfigurations, field verifications and occupancy studies which include code compliance and best practices for LEED design. In addition, ID3A has assisted several of our clients with developing Corporate Standards, FF&E selection and Move Management.