Interior Office

Stanley Black & Decker
Manufacturing Center of Excellence

The 23,000 square foot Center located on the 2nd Floor of One Constitution Plaza was redesigned to incorporate several project goals which evolved continuously throughout the design phases to adapt to SBD’s ongoing needs. Design solutions were tested onsite in real-time similar to the process of innovation that the space will be used for. It was important that the new space was designed for flexibility and capitalize on the existing window walls to create a visual connection to the surrounding streetcape immersing the Center into the capital city.

Stanley Black & Decker Lobby

The Entry is located on the ground floor and centrally located to the building lobby. Window walls allow natural light and maintain high visibility for visitors to observe the inner workings of product development upon approach. The industrial design features exposed building structures, wood and metal surfaces and Stanley’s branding colors of black & yellow.  

~"SMART Best Factory Practices on full display located in the "Heart" of downtown Hartford with soaring views that advance Frank Lloyd Wright's view of natural settings incorporated into design to an uplifting cityscape palette.~"

- Jurors Comment

The Kitchenette & Session Area accommodate social interaction and provides a central gathering space for employees and visitors. Seating was selected for versatility and can be arranged so that lecture style presentations of products can take place.


The Manufacturing “Think Tank” provides “cells” for testing prototypes integrating robotics and new technologies. The inner Functional Excellence Center is enclosed with transparent toned glass to designate the area and to provide a showcase for equipment and products in development.

Photos by Robert Benson Photography