Interior Office

Robinson & Cole, LLC
Office Renovation

One of the complexities of the Robinson & Cole project was phasing the renovations while the offices remained occupied.  A successful completion required careful attention to assure minimal disruption while remaining operational.  

The design goal was to maximize space to allow for future growth while initializing cutting edge solutions.  The renovation includes new trends in records management, library configuration and technology.  Various sized conference rooms were designed to help scheduling for diverse purposes and the traditional boardroom is designed to handle multifunctionality.  The outcome is a space of high professionalism for the firm with convenience and function throughout.   

After an interactive planning process, a 6,000 SF library was developed as part of the overall renovation.  Centrally located within the redefined law firm, the new library consolidated the once fragmented reference resources into one area.  The completed space offers varied study areas in both quiet and collaborative settings.  

Photos by Woodruff Brown