Interior Office

Hartford Steam Boiler
One State Street Cafeteria

To create an open atmosphere, the design team carefully selected color, texture and lighting to compliment a dynamic new layout. The kitchen and servery were relocated to gain access to the perimeter windows which offer the benefit of natural light, while also gaining dramatic views of the surrounding city.

Color was a key factor in creating a more open environment. Using HSB's traditional color palette as bright splashes against a neutral background of reclaimed woods and chrome creates a modern look.  

As a premium location in a popular downtown facility, creating an environment that offers diverse use was a primary focus to lower costs and accommodate modern lifestyles.


The new Work Cafe provides comfortable "living room" huddle areas with easy access to monitors and charge stations to encourage group or individual collaboration. AV equipment was strategically blended into the space to remain invisible while lighting and acoustical options were carefully selected to provide an ideal atmosphere for speakers and presentations

Photos by Woodruff Brown