Interior Office

First Light Power Resources
Office Renovation

ID3A assisted with their office transformation by renovating their outdated 24,000 square foot space on the 16th floor of 20 Church Street in downtown Hartford. The new proposed floor plan accommodates 110 employees including the CEOs and consists of open floor workbenches with no dedicated offices. With core facilities such as the breakroom and conference rooms situated in the center of the space, the open office areas spans the entire outer perimeter, taking full advantage of the 360 degree views of the surrounding city.

This new concept was a considerable change and required a readjustment period for most of the staff. After six months the new arrangement was accepted as a great improvement to the workplace environment for its ability to foster collaboration and interaction with all employees.  

Centrally located, the break / lunch room was designed in contrast with the neutral palette using bright colors and modern appliances. Conference rooms are available for presentations and private meetings.

Photos by Woodruff Brown