Interior Office

Office Renovation

Finalsite, an educational software company, relocated to a 18,900 square foot facility in Glastonbury. Hosting a variety of social events such as breakfasts and lunches for their employees required a large cafeteria and food preparation area. The space is also fitted with a Foosball and pool table, flat screen tvs and comfortable seating.

A centrally located training room can be divided into five separate spaces when needed. Private offices span the perimeter along with a large conference room fitted with “Live Glass” dividers adding visual interest while taking advantage of natural light. Working with a restricted budget, the design required innovative use of standard materials and creative use of color to incorporate a high-end look without the added cost.

Another challenge was to effectively combine the wide range of job functions and work styles in a unifying way since each required different space types, sizes and configurations. Keeping the space predominately open, workstations and collaboration areas are differentiated by accent walls and matching accessories for each department.

Photos by Woodruff Brown