Hartford Hospital Marketing Department Complete

October 1, 2013 - ID3A, LLC

The Hartford Healthcare Planning & Marketing Department Renovation of the 1st floor of the Curtis Profession Building in Newington was an effort to consolidate all marketing and planning-related services into one space.  Job types varied from visual arts such as multi-media, print and signage to administrative services that included legal and public relations.  Although each job type had different space requirements, all shared the same objectives and focus and benefited from close working relationships.


Working with a conservative budget and tight schedule, the project involved renovating a 4,800 square foot space which had been unoccupied for eighteen years.  The space offered limited natural light, with two-thirds of the floor plan in a windowless environment.


The design objectives included many requirements.  First and foremost, the environment needed to foster creativity and collaboration for the graphics services while also taking into consideration the privacy levels required by the administrative offices.  The space also needed to maintain a high level of comfort for long work hours and effectively control the sound and audio disturbances’ impact on neighbors.


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The core challenge was to effectively combine the wide range of job types together in one space.  Each required different space types, amenities, privacy levels, and sensitivity to sound.  To accommodate this challenge, the multi-media departments were placed into back offices to allow for  repeated video playback and audio recording.  Administrative offices were placed around the perimeter, away from video rooms and more active collaborative meeting spaces, to maintain privacy.


Natural light is an important function of the visual arts and the limited windows posed a challenge on how best to utilize it effectively.  Placing the private offices around the perimeter kept the windows as unobstructed as possible, allowing the optimum level of natural light to flow into the interior space.  The private offices were also designed with glass sidelights to reinforce this sense of openness.

A comfortable seating/meeting area was placed near the windows and included a standing-height work table with tackable surface for display.  The table was carefully selected to accommodate standard print media so that spreads and full-sized mock-ups could easily be displayed for critiques.


Branding was also an important aspect of the design.  As representation of the department’s focus, we incorporated Hartford Healthcare’s branding colors by using accent stripes in the carpet, painted window frames, and full wall focal points.  These accents, combined with the soft gray surroundings, added a fun pop of bright color to the space.